Jojoba & Amla Oil - Soothing

For soothing sensitive skin

For the perfect balance: the DR. SCHELLER skincare line for sensitive skin with the finest jojoba oil from the Sonoran desert and Asian schisandra fruit extract.

Jojoba oil, which comes from nut-like seeds, nourishes, protects and smoothes the skin. It has a soothing effect and is particularly suited for the lubrication of skin.

For centuries, schisandra has been considered in Asia as a highly effective healing plant. Its precious schisandra extract soothes stressed, sensitive and hyperactive skin. It counters inflammations.


Jojoba & Amla Soothing Moisturizing Care mild · sensitive· BDIH certified · vegan Jojoba Oil & Amla Soothing Intensive Serum mild · sensitive · BDIH certified · vegan
Jojoba & Amla Oil Sooothing 24H Moisturizing Care
Jojoba & Amla Oil Sooothing Intensive Serum
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