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Since 1986, Dr. Scheller products have been made with sustainability and respect for nature at the forefront of our material sourcing. These pure plant ingredients are then developed in our own laboratories into our BDIH-certified natural products pursuant to the highest German standards. Furthermore, Dr. Scheller products have been registered with the Vegan Society, to ensure there are no animal ingredients or animal testing were used in producing our products. All products have been dermatologically tested for optimal skin tolerance, another testament to the high quality of our products.

• 100% paraben-free
• 100% silicone-free
• 100% mineral oil-free
• 100% purely natural PhytoSolve® in every product for maximum effect
• 100% synthetic coloring agent-free
• BDIH certified natural
• registered with the Vegan Society
• NaTrue certification on select products
• no GMO ingredients
• all products are gluten free
• no animal testing or ingredients
• eco-friendly packaging



Maximum effect thanks to our special ingredient PhytoSolve®, which acts as an ingredient “shuttle” to allow the pure plant-based ingredients such as Jojoba oil or Argan oil to penetrate deeper for a more targeted and effective result.

PhytoSolve® are transparent emulsions of soy lecithin, which is also obtained from pure plants and these microcapsules transport the highly efficient natural extracts deep into the skin, exactly where they are need for beautiful, even & vibrant skin.



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